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About Us

About Us DETAMO has been more than a web design company. We have over 12 years of experience. This powerful combination of industry leading design and smart brand and marketing strategies results in not just another Website... but a powerful online brand that resonates with your target audience, produces results, and makes the competition jealous. Can your web design company offer this?

Our Six Steps - Step One: Taste Testing

Learning about your goals, your tastes, your customers.
As clear, straightforward communication is the cornerstone of any successful website or mobile application design project, DETAMO begins each engagement with an extensive analysis of your competitive strengths and weaknesses. At this stage in development, we learn everything we can about you – your goals, your unique assets, your competitors and your risks – and begin to plot a forward marketing and engineering strategy for your web based or mobile application project.

Step Two: Planning The Menu

Establishing a sound web and mobile developmental road map.
In this second step of DETAMO's web and mobile app development process, we compile the project discovery into a comprehensive and immediately actionable project plan. Factoring in your project's unique technical and content requirements, this road map is carefully assembled to establish realistic project milestones, plot a manageable budget, and achieve an effective and timely collaborative consensus among your development team.

Step Three: Settling The Floor Plan

Initiating rapid development with digital wire frames.
Once we have achieved client sign off on a formal developmental road map, the next and third step in the DETAMO process is to create a set of wireframes for your Web or mobile app development project. Once approved by your team, these visual guides and initial design sketches will serve as a rapid development outline for the overall layout and "look" of your project, setting the direction for your application's creative, technological and usability design.

Step Four: Stocking The Bar

Designing a friendly Website and mobile app user interface.
Step four in the DETAMO process involves translating the approved web or mobile app wireframes into a user interface mockup for your project. This allows the project team to analyze, test and refine your design's usability for ergonomic and organizational factors before we start the full build process. This ensures that your application conveys a unique and enjoyable character, leaving a lasting positive impression on your everyday users.

Step Five: Opening The Doors

Engineering great ideas into digital marvels.
At step five, the DETAMO technical wizards get to work transforming your web or mobile project plan and prototypes into a fully functioning website or mobile application. From e-commerce to content management/CMS, from Flash to JavaScript to mobile to PHP and back again, our web and mobile development team has the tools and expertise to carry bold ideas into technological reality. In addition to initial build, this stage also typically involves user and production testing, integration with third party systems, and long term development and maintenance planning.

Step Six: Bringing Them Back For More

Charting traffic, measuring success, and building ROI.
As important as it is, a successful public debut only represents the beginning of a profitable marketing project. Now the DETAMO process turns its eye towards long-term success and consistent ROI. Using the latest in site and mobile metric technologies and methods, we determine in real time how well your application performs with real users, and then adjust both design and direction to best capitalize your marketing strategy and digital brand over the long term.
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Every website project is unique in it's own design, and every marketing effort has a budget, we like to give each client a quote specific to their project needs.
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